Manufacturing Engineering “All-Star”, Contract CNC Programmer #61167

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Saying that we are in the middle of tough times is a huge understatement.  Looking back at the great depression, things were tough but not virtually stopped as they are today.  The coronavirus crisis and the local measures taken have impacted more persons and organizations on both the human/health and financial levels.  As a result, things seem tougher today than they were in 2008-2009.

Yet, these tough times won’t last.  The tough persons and organizations will last and make it through this difficult period even stronger.  Even now, I have not put things on hold at M-Works Search waiting for the manufacturing economy to bounce back.  I have been toughing it out and have been working to create opportunities for my clients and our “All-Star” engineering candidates once things rebound.  That means I have been talking to more clients about interim staffing solutions that target the specific skill set needed to be ready for the time business bounces back.

On the “All-Star” manufacturing candidate level, I am using the disruption to speak to more talented engineering and manufacturing professionals about career interests and moves that they are ready to make when the right opportunity presents itself.  One manufacturing “All-Star” I’ve spoken to recently has extensive CNC programming experience for 3-Axis and 4-Axis mills, lathes, and machining centers from Haas, Mazak, Enshu, Okuma, and Fanuc within a job shop setting. 

He loves the challenge related to the “hands-on” programming and seeks 1st shift part-time or contract/project programming opportunities in the western suburbs where he can use his CNC programming skills.

Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 or email [email protected] to discuss in more detail.