Product Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, Machinery, #58476

“Losers quit when they fail.  Winners fail until they succeed.”

This week’s motivational quote made me think about the winners I speak to every day and every week.  They are all “winners” as they are all engineers with a diverse range of backgrounds and work experience.  How could they not be winners?  The best engineers are problem solvers and work to come up with solutions until they succeed.  Rarely does an engineer come up with a solution immediately but rather through trial, error and perseverance. 

This week’s product design engineering “All-Star” was recommended to me by a former co-worker as an engineer who doesn’t quit when things fail.  He “succeeds” by applying critical thinking, emotional intelligence and grit to the product development process to “identify a winning solution” that meets or exceeds product design parameters and specifications.

This product design engineering “All-Star” has a diverse product design and project leadership background with extensive experience on both new product development as well as sustaining engineering product design projects to improve quality or reduce costs.  He’s applied Six Sigma methods to the product development process to achieve product and project deliverables.

He’s looking for a new and challenging product design opportunity where he can build upon his experience while “helping your organization win” by not quitting when confronted with design hurdles and issues.Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 or email me at [email protected] to discuss this product design engineering “All-Star” and how he can help you turn your next product development project into a “success.”

Product Development Engineer, Machinery #58476

-16 years cradle to grave product development engineering experience of electro-mechanical systems consisting of stamped metal and molded plastic components
-Responsible for leading new product development projects and teams
-Extensive product validation and testing experience
-Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
-Proficient using Creo/Pro-Engineer for mechanical drawings and modeling
-Bachelor of Science, Engineering Technology, University of Northern Iowa