Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star”, Vehicle Controls #46669

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

For many persons, it’s easy to “fly under the radar” in an organization.  In today’s COVID-19 work from home environment, it may be even easier as it’s easy to hide as we lack the day to day personal and human interaction we experience in a non-remote office oriented setting.  Yet, Engineering and Manufacturing “All-Stars” are different, they want to stand out from the crowd, not hide from it.  They want to be so good that they’re not ignored but seen and given every opportunity for career development and growth.

This week’s electrical controls engineering “All-Star” fits this description.  He hasn’t been sitting back idly waiting to be seen by his current employer.  He knows that to advance his career, he has to continue learning and expanding upon his technical expertise if he’s going to grow.  To accomplish this goal, he just completed a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering with focus in digital system processing to improve his technical skill set so that he “wouldn’t be ignored” by prospective employers.  He understood that he needed to get better and develop his electrical engineering and software skills to pursue his dream of landing that non-cookie cutter strategic role that entails developing controls and software.

He’s been good and hasn’t been ignored in his current organization as he’s grown into a senior role developing and integrating software into his company’s products.  He also mentors junior team members who are responsible for day to day coding requirements.  With a graduate degree now fresh under his belt, he’s ready to pursue that next career advancing opportunity in an organization looking for a technical leader that not only wants to be “good” but continue learning to be better.  

Do you have electrical controls challenges that could be overcome by hiring an engineering “All-Star” who will work to drive electrical and controls improvements in your product line?  This Electrical Engineering “All-Star” is on the hunt for the right next career opportunity where he will continue getting better professionally by driving strategic changes and integrating them into your products. 

Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 or email to schedule a 10 minute conversation about this Electrical Engineering “All-Star.”

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Senior Electrical Controls Engineer, Vehicle Controls #46669 (open to locations outside of Chicagoland)

-More than 6 years of electrical engineering and programming experience within the automotive sector
-Responsible for developing and programming software used in custom vehicle controls
-Familiar with electrical wiring, schematics and wire harnesses
-Familiar with vehicle electronics and networks including CANbus
-Proficient in C, C++, MATLAB with some proficiency in Python and NumPy
-Master of Science, Electrical Engineering
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology