Continuous Improvement Leadership “All-Star”, Process Innovation, #61442

“I don’t regret my past because it made me stronger.”

I don’t regret my past experiences as a leader at SK Hand Tool Corporation even though things didn’t go as planned.  I like to think that those difficult work experiences that started with the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008 made me stronger and better prepared to be the small business owner and executive recruiter that I am in the manufacturing space today.

For this week, I have two engineering and manufacturing “All-Star” candidates to highlight.  Neither regrets his past as their past experiences have helped them both become stronger professionals who have grown and are now ready for their next career challenge.  Both engineers have experience working and taking on roles of increasing responsibility with major manufacturing organizations.  The first Engineering “All-Star” has a background in product development and engineering management within electro-mechanical systems and machinery.  The other Manufacturing “All-Star” has built upon his mechanical engineering background in corporate continuous improvement leadership roles.

As we finish the summer season, both engineering “All-Stars” are on the “hunt” to find the right next career opportunity that will allow them to build upon their past engineering experiences by helping their new employers get stronger.  Even with the pandemic, I don’t expect either of these engineering “All-Stars” to be on the market for long.   

Please give me a call or email to schedule a 10 minute conversation to discuss how each of these “All-Stars” can help you strengthen your engineering and operational excellence teams.   Best Regards,


Continuous Improvement & Operational Excellence Leader, Stamping Technology & Process Innovation, #61442

-More than 8 years experience leading operational excellence initiatives in a multi-site “World Class” stamping organization
-Responsible for managing a Stamping Center of Excellence to drive and implement stamping process innovations and best practices across the global manufacturing organization
-Lean Manufacturing Training and Certification
-Project Planning, Analysis and Control Certification, George Washington School of Business
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Olivet University