Mechanical Design Engineering “All-Star”, Automotive Components #55449

Since 1894, we’ve celebrated Labor Day as an official Federal Holiday where we honor the contributions of the American worker. 

Labor Day has taken on a greater meaning for me this year as an opportunity to be especially thankful for those essential workers who have continued working and contributing during the pandemic.  Many did their best to keep us safe, healthy and fed while putting themselves at a greater personal health or safety risk.

In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to highlight two engineering “All-Star” candidates with work experience in two essential industries-automotive and defense.  Both engineering “All-Star” candidates worked through the pandemic to do their part designing and producing components used in the automotive and defense/aerospace sectors.  In doing so, they played a small role in keeping us “moving” and “safe” during a time of crisis when many of us were sheltering at home or working from home.

Our design engineering “All-Star” candidate has experience doing mechanical design of injection molded parts and assemblies used in automotive interiors.  In the defense sector, our manufacturing engineering “All-Star” spearheaded new product launch projects in addition to being responsible for new capital equipment implementation and process in-sourcing projects in his plant.

Unfortunately, both engineers, like many others, were impacted by the COVID-19 related downturn and are now looking for new opportunities where they can prove to be “essential” engineers in a new manufacturing organization.

Please give me a call or email to schedule a time to discuss how these engineers can help make new contributions to your organization as “essential” members of your engineering and manufacturing teams.

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Mechanical Design Engineer, Automotive/Injection Molded Components, #55449

-2 years engineering and manufacturing experience within automotive and appliance manufacturing organizations
-Experience designing injection molded components and assemblies used in automotive interiors
-Cross-functional experience working with clients to finalize components design prior to working with manufacturing to launch item to production
-Hands on experience commissioning and testing a 725-ton injection molding machine
-Proficient using Catia and Solidworks for 3D modeling and drawing tasks
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton