Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star”, Machinery #61534

“Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.”

Earlier in my career, I had the experience of working with people who “sucked the happiness out of me.”  It made for a miserable day or week when working with these persons.  Thankfully, my career progressed where the persons with whom I worked changed thereby correcting a situation that would have led to a career change.  I no longer had to spend as much or any time with those persons so my job related happiness grew.

This week’s Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star” has a different dilemma.  He loves his company, co-workers and the clients with whom he regularly works.  Yet, it’s a field engineering role where he is required to spend 95% of his time traveling and working in the field at client manufacturing plants.  So in his case, it’s not the people but the travel related to the job that is “sucking the happiness out of him.”

After three years of traveling the country to troubleshoot, commission and install custom PLC driven machinery, this Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star” is ready for a change.  He is now targeting a new role where he can build upon this “field” engineering experience in role with up to 30% travel.  He feels that his “field” experience provides a strong base upon which to continue building and growing his electrical and controls skillset.

Electrical Controls Engineers are tough to find even during a pandemic so I don’t expect this Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star” to be on the market long.  Please give me a call or email to schedule a time to discuss how this Electrical Controls Engineering “All-Star” can help drive positive results and “happiness” in your engineering team.

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Electrical Controls Engineer, Machinery, #61534 (north/west metro Chicago)

-3 years electrical and controls engineering experience with custom PLC controlled machinery 
-Experienced assisting with initial electrical design and machine testing prior to customer delivery
-Hands on experience troubleshooting, installing and commissioning of machinery at client facilities
-Proficient programming PLCs from Allen-Bradley, Siemens and Omron
-Proficient programming HMI using Factory Talk and TIA Portal automation software
-Familiar with AutoCAD for electrical design related tasks
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology