Welding Engineer “All-Star” Candidate, Aerial Work Platforms #61727

“All of our dreams can come true–if we have the courage to pursue them.”—Walt Disney

I wasn’t a mouseketeer when I was a kid but have always loved Walt’s story about how he chased his dream to build the Disney company.

In reading this quote, I saw the parallel between dream and career path. Your career path is really a dream. Yet, few engineers or persons have the courage to pursue their dreams in the form of a career path.  Individuals easily get stuck in their work comfort zone settling for complacency over uncertainty and change.

Recently, I connected with a welding engineering “All-Star” from Ohio State University who isn’t stuck but as a result of the pandemic is currently pursuing that dream of finding new manufacturing opportunities in a field that he loves…welding.  This professional has welding engineering and robotics experience and is showing the courage to chase his dream of landing a new home where he can build on his experience in heavy manufacturing of aerial work platforms and construction equipment.

This engineer has extensive weld process and diverse hands-on welding experience.  In his last role, he was responsible for training team members on weld procedures and performing NDE to validate and improve weld quality.

Due to the pandemic, this engineering “All-Star” candidate is pursuing his dream of landing a new welding engineering role by year end.  Given his work history with a major manufacturer and solid work experience, I don’t expect him to be a “free agent” chasing his dream for long.

Do you have an opportunity or an unfilled need within your metal fabrication environment where you can play a role in helping this welding and robotics engineering “All-Star” fulfill his dream?

Please email or call me at 312.226.4916 to discuss how this engineering “All-Star” can help you strengthen your welding team in 2021.

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Welding Engineer, Aerial Work Platforms, #61727 (open to relocation)
-More than 1 year of weld engineering experience in a high mix mid volume metal fabrication and assembly setting
-In depth weld process knowledge and extensive “hands-on” experience with welding GMAW, GTAW, Resistance Welding, FCAW, SMAW, HED Welding , and solid-state welding
-Responsible for implementing weld procedures and for weld training of supervisors, welders, and engineers
-Implemented a weld fixture preventative maintenance program to improve maintenance and repair of more than 100 weld fixtures
-Developed, tested and performed NDE and destructive examination to improve weld quality
-Bachelor of Science, Welding Engineering, Ohio State University