Welding & Robotics Engineering “All-Star” Candidate #61690

“All of our dreams can come true–if we have the courage to pursue them.”—Walt Disney

I wasn’t a mouseketeer when I was a kid but have always loved Walt’s story about how he chased his dream to build the Disney company.

In reading this quote, I saw the parallel between dream and career path. Your career path is really a dream. Yet, few engineers or persons have the courage to pursue their dreams in the form of a career path.  Individuals easily get stuck in their work comfort zone settling for complacency over uncertainty and change.

Recently, I connected with a welding and robotics engineering “All-Star” who isn’t stuck but as a result of the pandemic is currently pursuing that dream of finding new manufacturing opportunities in a field that he loves…welding.  This professional has welding engineering and robotics experience and is showing the courage to chase his dream of landing a new home where he can build on his experience in heavy manufacturing of construction equipment.

The “All-Star” engineer started his career as a welder and grew progressively to lead welder and supervisory roles.  Over time, he learned to set-up and program advanced robotic welding machines.

Due to the pandemic, this engineering “All-Star” candidate is pursuing his dream of landing a new welding engineering role by year end.  Given his work history with a Fortune 100 company and solid work experience, I don’t expect him to be a “free agent” chasing his dream for long.

Do you have an opportunity or an unfilled need within your metal fabrication environment where you can play a role in helping this welding and robotics engineering “All-Star” fulfill his dream?

Please email or call me at 312.226.4916 to discuss how this engineering “All-Star” can help you strengthen your welding team in 2021.

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Welding and Robotics Engineer, Off-Highway Machinery, #61690 (open to relocation in the Midwest)

-More than 20 years of progressive experience in welding, robotics and lead roles within heavy metal fabrication manufacturing settings
-More than 4 years of supervisory experience with responsibility for production planning, scheduling, quality and delivery metrics
-Hands on experience with testing and inspection for both manual and automated weld quality 
-Advanced robotics programming and troubleshooting of ABB and Kawasaki controllers
-Six Sigma Green Belt trained and certified
-Completed AWS and 1E099 welding standards training
-Completed visual weld inspection training