Design Engineering “All-Star” Candidate #61510

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.”   Henry Ford

I love this quote from Henry Ford and appreciate it even more now as I got to see his problem solving tenacity first hand a few weeks ago at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.  One of the exhibits featured the “kitchen sink” where he tested his first experimental engine in 1893.  His wife, Clara fed gasoline into the intake valve by hand while he spun the flywheel.  How’s that for trying to solve a problem?  Henry Ford’s “Kitchen Sink”

This leads me to an early career engineering “All-Star” we’ve recently recruited with experience working for a major manufacturer of off-highway and agricultural machinery.  He hasn’t been using the “kitchen sinks” to solve problems but has been putting his mechanical engineering training to problem solving use in a product engineering.

The product engineering “All-Star” has been working in a new product development support capacity where he’s been tasked with test planning, set-up and execution.  He’s had to solve design related problems to increase product quality and reduce costs for drivetrain components.   

This engineering “All-Stars” is currently employed yet on the “hunt” for a new engineering career opportunity that will allow him to apply his problem solving and technical skills while continuing to grow his engineering career.

Do you have a problem with your “kitchen sink” that needs solving?  Please give me a call or email to discuss how this engineering “All-Star” can help you solve your product design engineering problems as we look ahead to the new year.

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Design Engineer, Off-Highway and Agricultural Machinery, #61510 (open to relocation)-More than 2 years design and test engineering experience with an emphasis on drivetrain, powertrain, and other vehicle components
-Responsible for test planning, set-up, execution and documentation
-Designed a component test to achieve $500K in annual cost reductions
-Worked with design team to redesign a component to increase its life by more than 61%
-Proficient using Solidworks and Pro E Creo for 3D modeling and drawing related tasks
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
-Fluent in Spanish