Engineering “All-Star” Candidates Electrical, Mechanical, and After-Market Service

“You miss 100 percent of the shots that you never take.”  Wayne Gretzky

Engineering “All-Stars” take shots.  The best take a lot of them.  They know that they’re not going to score every time but that by taking shots, they’re able to “build a better mousetrap”, solve a problem, or do something better. 

This week, I’m highlighting three engineering “All-Stars” that are looking to take shots in new manufacturing organizations.  Each engineering “All-Star” has experience taking shots within the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or aftermarket sales and service fields.

Our electrical engineering “All-Star” is looking to take his next shot in the industrial automation or controls field while our mechanical engineering “All-Star” is ready take on new challenges in an engineered to order capacity.  Our aftermarket “All-Star” is ready to take a shot at building and improving upon aftermarket sales, service, warranty and training programs within the machinery sector.

Could your organization benefit from taking a “shot” by reviewing how these engineering “All-Stars” could help your team score?  These engineering “All-Stars” are ready to take shots with the goal of scoring in new manufacturing organizations.  Whether it be electrical, mechanical, or aftermarket service, these “All-Star” engineers aren’t afraid to take that next shot to advance their careers.

Please call 312.226.4916 or email to schedule a time to discuss how these engineering “All-Stars” could make an impact on your engineering team or if you have any other staffing needs we can be of help with.

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Electrical Controls Engineer, Power Distribution #62042
-More than 2 years electrical controls engineering and instrumentation experience
-Leads projects to troubleshoot, maintain or upgrade plant instrumentation and controls systems
-Experienced doing electrical panel design, schematics and drawings
-Familiar with distributed control systems and PLC programming based on ladder logic
-Illinois Engineer in Training with expected Professional Engineering Licensure 2023
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mechanical Design Engineer, Custom Vehicles & Heat Transfer Systems, #62022
-More than 14 years mechanical design experience in engineered to order capacities
-Experienced doing mechanical and structural design of custom vehicle trailers
-Experienced designing custom heat-exchanger systems
-Responsible for maintaining BOMs and updating ERP system ECNs
-Experienced providing production support 
-Proficient using Solidworks for 3D design and modeling as well as AutoCAD
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University

After Market Service Manager, Construction Machinery, #52989
-More than 11 years after market sales and service experience within construction machinery
-Responsible for national field service, call center, warranty and training programs
-Implemented pre-delivery system and documentation process
-Developed product upgrade and recall processes and procedures
-Completed technical training as a master technician, Germany
-Bachelors Degree in Engineering Management, Germany