R&D Engineering “All-Star” Candidate #55584

“Play by the rules but be ferocious.”  Phil Knight
Even though I run in New Balance, this quote from Phil Knight recently caught my eye.  To me, it conjured up images of Bill Bowerman struggling in his kitchen with his waffle iron to make the prototype sole for Nike’s first shoe, the “Waffle Trainer.”  If making a shoe sole with a waffle iron isn’t ferocious, I don’t know what is.

Phil’s quote made me think of our engineering “All-Star” candidates.  An engineer plays by the rules as dictated by the constraints in their technical discipline.  Whether mechanical, electrical or chemical, an engineer works within the boundaries of that discipline.  Yet, the best engineers or engineering “All-Stars” play by those rules but ferociously work to identify solutions to difficult problems with which they’re faced. 

Bowerman may not have been an engineer but he’s an “All-Star” in my book because he figured out how the pattern of the waffle on his breakfast plate could form the foundation for the sole of his track shoe and ultimately his company that he founded with Knight, Nike.  

This week’s engineering “All-Star” candidate is ferocious too.  He currently works in an advanced product development and R&D engineering role with a leading manufacturer.  He may not be making breakfast but is required to come up with solutions to a complex problem, complete the engineering design, and then work through “bugs” via prototyping and testing.

Could your manufacturing team benefit from an engineering “All-Star” who plays by the rules but will be ferocious in regard to product development and innovation tasks?  This mechanical engineering “All-Star” is ready to build on his breakfast to drive new product development and innovation within your Product Design or R&D Engineering team.

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R&D Product Development Engineer, #55584
-More than 4 years mechanical system product development and innovation experience with leading manufacturer
-Experience with complex mechanical system design as well as heat transfer concepts
-Familiar with applying statistical analysis and design of experiments to the product development process.
-Trained and certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University
-Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette