Sales Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, #44992

“The first one gets the oyster, the second gets the shell.”  -Andrew Carnegie

This quote jumped out when I was reviewing quotes last weekend.  In a nutshell, or oyster shell, it’s Andrew Carnegie’s take on “the early bird gets the worm adage.” No different from oysters or birds, the top sales professionals typically get the orders.  They get the orders and or new customer opportunities because they’re professional, proactive and responsive when pursuing new business. 

This week, I’m highlighting a sales engineering “All-Star” who exemplifies these qualities that he’s combined with a mechanical engineering background and training to get the “oysters” in his current role.  He started by learning the technical “ins and outs” of his product by working in design and applications engineering roles.  He built on that technical and design expertise to become a successful sales manager where he’s grown his business and expanded his dealer base.

This sales engineering “All-Star” is currently employed yet exploring new sales or applications engineering leadership opportunities where he can help a new manufacturing organization find and get more oysters.

Could your manufacturing organization benefit from additional or new sales engineering expertise?  If so, please call 312.226.4916 or email to discuss how this engineer could impact your team “before another bird gets the worm.”  

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Sales Manager-Applications Engineering Manager, Engineered-To-Order Products, #44992
-More than 10 years progressive design, applications engineering and sales leadership experience within an engineered-to-order manufacturing environment
-More than doubled territory business in a key segment of his sales region
-Designed a custom automotive component which now generates multi-million unit sales annually 
-Expanded authorized dealer base in addition to hiring local sales representative in a key export market to grow sales
-Responsible for technical training of new employees and wrote sales training manual and procedures
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Southern Illinois University