Product Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, #62477

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”  Coco Chanel

I normally don’t feature quotes from French fashion designers.  Yet, when I read Coco’s quote, it resonated with me as many times an engineering “All-Star” must overcome challenges and insurmountable hurdles on a regular basis.  The engineering “All-Star” will apply his or her background and training to come up with a solution to a challenging problem.

This week, I’m highlighting a Project Engineering “All-Star” who illustrates this character.  He will start with a concept, will do the design and calculations for the product and then will work with manufacturing to launch the new item to production.   He doesn’t know that failure is inevitable as he must achieve success for the customer by overcoming a multitude of obstacles throughout the design and manufacturing stages.

This Project Engineering “All-Star” is now ready to achieve success with a new manufacturing organization.  He’s looking for that right opportunity to build upon the successes he’s realized in his current organization.

Please give me a call 312.226.4916 or email to discuss how this Project Engineering “All-Star” could help your manufacturing organization achieve success or if you have any other staffing needs that we can be of help with.  

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Project Engineer, Custom Industrial Components, #62477
-More than 2 years product design and manufacturing launch experience with metal and injection molded components
-Experience performing failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
-Proficient using AutoDesk Vault and QAD software for bill of materials management
-Introduced new forming processes in production and completed drop analysis and leak testing
-Proficient using AutoDesk Inventor and AutoCAD for 2D drawing and 3D modeling
-Completed Paulson Injection Mold Training Program
-Bachelor of Science, Manufacturing Engineering, Bradley University