Sales Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, Automation Systems, #62567

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”  Vidal Sassoon

I didn’t realize that Vidal Sassoon grew up in extreme poverty in London spending 7 years of his childhood in an orphanage.  He learned about work firsthand doing odd jobs in London during World War II before apprenticing as a hairdresser.  His career grew from there eventually moving to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s to open the first of may worldwide hairstyling salons.  So Vidal definitely understood that work…hard work comes before success in real life, not just in a dictionary.

Hard work is the theme for this week’s Engineering “All-Star” candidate.  I’m highlighting this Engineering “All-Star” who has an electrical engineering background within custom machinery where hard work and trial and error is necessary to overcome hurdles to engineer a unique solution for a customer.  Since every machine represents a new set of problems to overcome, it’s only through hard work and experience that it’s possible to deliver a functional system to a client, on time, and on budget.

Now, this Engineering “All-Star” is looking to work to find new career success by “pivoting” into a sales engineering role where he can build upon his technical and engineering experience.  He’d like to apply his engineering background and skills into a sales engineering role where he can help a new manufacturing organization grow their business.  

Please give me a call 312.226.4916 or email to discuss how this Sales Engineering “All-Star” could help your manufacturing organization do the sales engineering work to bring you new success or if there are any other staffing challenges that we can work to help you solve.  

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Sales Engineer, Custom Machinery, #62567
-More than 5 years experience engineering custom machinery, conveyors, and integration of robotic systems
-Experienced developing new customer relationships leading to RFP and new sales
-Experienced estimating and preparing new project proposals for clients
-Developed new marketing campaign to generate an increase in website traffic
-Created custom video used to promote new custom machinery projects
-Proficient developing and programming PLCs using RS Logix and Studio 5000 software
-Fluent in AutoCAD Electrical for controls design
-Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin, Electrical Engineering