Manufacturing Engineering “All-Star”

“The only way around is through.”  Robert Frost

In this case, I would say that tackling a problem “head on” is more appropriate.  So when Frost says that the only way around is through it, he really means to tackle the problem “head on.”  That’s what engineering “All-Stars” do regularly.  They don’t beat around the bush, they attack an engineering problem or challenge “head on” to get it done. 

It’s only fitting that I’m highlighting a manufacturing and quality engineering “All-Star” this week.  Our “All-Star” has more than 20 years of experience tackling manufacturing and quality challenges “head on.”  As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and ASQ certified quality auditor, she’s not only got the engineering skills but she has extensive experience improving quality and increasing productivity within precision machining, fabricating and assembly oriented manufacturing settings.

Now, after recently completing a major new product launch and implementing a new quality management system in her current plant, she’s ready to tackle a new set of challenges within a new manufacturing organization.  She’s started to explore new senior manufacturing or quality engineering roles where she can build on her previous experiences. 

Please give me a call 312.226.4916 or email to discuss how this Manufacturing and QualityEngineering “All-Star” could help your manufacturing organization charge through your process or reliability challenges by tackling them head on.  

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Manufacturing Engineer, #35249
-More than 20 years of manufacturing and quality engineering experience within precision machining, fabrication and assembly settings
-Responsible for quality and reliability testing on major new product launch
-Implemented preventative maintenance program and trained personnel
-Implemented supplier quality management program as well as layered process audits and 5S audits
-Improved first pass yield to 99.6% by instituting root cause analysis, corrective action and preventative action processes
-Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
-Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) through the American Society for Quality
-Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Mechanical Engineer
-MBA, Marquette University