Electrical Engineering “All-Star”, #55395

“Don’t worry about failure.  You only have to be right once.”–Drew Houston

This goes along with the adage that if at first you don’t succeed, try again.  However, when you’re dealing with electrical systems and machine safety, you need to be right not once, but every time.  Otherwise, persons can be hurt or even killed.

Even though I really like Drew Houston’s quote, this week I’m highlighting an electrical engineering “All-Star” candidate who is trained to get it right each and every time, not just once.  In his current role, he is responsible for designing electrical systems for machinery to NFPA 79 and UL508A codes to ensure proper and safe design.  He then draws on a diverse range of programming skills to write and debug software for PLC and HMIs as well as CNC machine controls.

He’s not worried about failure as he’s built a strong electrical and controls engineering foundation thanks to working with a wide range of PLC and CNC controlled machinery.   He’s currently employed yet now exploring new electrical engineering opportunities where he can build upon his current experience.  He wants to be challenged and have the opportunity to work on new projects and tasks to grow and develop as an electrical engineer

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Electrical Controls Engineer, #55395
-More than 3 years of electrical engineering experience with industrial machinery
-Experienced writing and debugging PLC programs using B&R Automation, Allen Bradley, Siemens and Automation Direct platforms 
-Used C++ to program CNC machine controls
-Experienced programming FANUC robotic using the Karel programming language
-Proficient in SolidWorks Electrical and familiar with AutoCAD
-Experienced designing electrical schematics to Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79) and Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79)
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Technology
-Fluent in Spanish