Manufacturing Engineering Leadership “All-Star”-Machining #63628

“You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.” – Tim Cook

Manufacturing engineers create ripples for change every day.  Instead of creating those ripples in a pond, they do it in a manufacturing plant on the factory floor.

The best manufacturing engineers are constantly driving change in their plants whether it be to launch a new product to the production floor or to drive ongoing process improvements to improve productivity.  Projects to improve cost, quality, safety or productivity are the pebbles manufacturing engineers throw into the manufacturing floor to drive ongoing and constant change.

Our manufacturing engineering “All-Star” manager is familiar with creating ripples for change as he’s done it in an automotive component machining capacity.  In his current role, he’s responsible for overseeing a team that manages projects to launch new manufacturing projects for automotive OEMs.  Depending on the day or week, with his team, he could be managing a new capital equipment installation project or designing and implementing new machining processes to reduce cycle times.

Do you have a proverbial pond that is in need of pebbles to create ripples for manufacturing change in your manufacturing organization?  Then please give me a call at 312.226.4916 to discuss how this manufacturing engineering “All-Star” could bring ripples of change to your manufacturing floor. 

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Manufacturing Engineering Leader, Precision Machining, #63628
-More than 20 years of experience in tooling engineering and manufacturing engineering roles
-More than 15 years of supervisory and management experience within precision machining and manufacturing settings
-Experienced programming CNC lathes and milling machinery
-Experienced programming and troubleshooting Allen Bradley PLCs and FANUC and KUKA robots
-Extensive knowledge and experience designing plant layouts, machining processes and tooling and fixturing used in these settings
-Familiar with PPAP processes and APQP documentation
-Awarded U.S. patent as co-inventor of an innovative manufacturing process
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology