Quality Engineering “All-Star” #63827

“When in doubt, bootstrap. Using your own personal resources is the easiest way to start a business. You don’t have to convince investors about the merits of your idea. You just have to convince yourself.” — Ryan Holmes

I could relate to Ryan Holmes quote as it brought me back to the early days of my business.  When I started M-Works Search in 2010, I was not in doubt.  Yet, I did not have a choice or my only choice I should say was to “bootstrap it.”  I did not have to worry about attracting investors but more so was worried about staying focused to develop the business and to get it off the ground.

This aspiring quality engineering “All-Star” did not bootstrap it per se but came to the United States to seek a better opportunity.  Ultimately, he worked hard and completed his engineering degree and got a job in manufacturing where he developed an interest and love for quality engineering.  He’s currently employed with a manufacturer of engineer-to-order industrial components and is now ready to find a new organization where he can grow and be challenged as a quality engineer.

Looking for someone to help you “get it done” and work to improve your product quality and processes?  Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 to discuss how this quality engineering “All-Star” could impact your product and process quality. 

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Quality Engineer, #63827
-Extensive experience performing inspections, testing, and data analysis of engineered-to-order industrial sensors, controllers and thermal systems
-Conducts first article inspections and works with engineering teams to validate product production processes
-Proficiency doing process audits with an emphasis on identifying nonconformity and opportunities to reduce scrap and rework
-Uses problem solving methods to conduct root cause analysis and propose corrective and preventative actions
-Responsible for training new employees on using CMM and VMM equipment
-Site subject matter expert in metrology
-Experienced working in an ISO certified facility and trained as an internal ISO auditor
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering