Project Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, Injection Molding, #61274

“In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.”  Albert Einstein

My son likes Albert Einstein so this week our “Motivation Monday” social media post featured another Albert Einstein quote.  I agreed to go with it because I know that from my experience at SK Hand Tool Corporation, every day in manufacturing brought new difficulties and new challenges that we expected our engineers and manufacturing employees to overcome.  

Every day and every week, I speak to many different engineers.  Without fail, the best tell me that they are driven by challenges and like to solve problems.  In essence, these engineering “All-Stars” thrive on difficulties as they find their problem solving opportunity in them.  They would be bored if they didn’t have opportunity to overcome difficulty through problem solving on a regular basis. 

I recently connected with this week’s project engineering “All-Star” and this motivational quote made me think of him.  Every day in his current role, he is required to overcome difficulty to be successful as he works as a project engineer in a manufacturing organization that supplies injection molded components to leading automotive clients.  His opportunity exists by being able to find solutions needed to overcome all the difficulties in taking an OEM design through tooling, prototyping, testing, PPAPs to production release to meet their clients’ time frames in a cost efficient manner.

This project engineering “All-Star” is now on the market and looking for a new opportunity to build upon his current experience where he can “help your organization” by overcoming difficulties that bring with it career growth and new challenge.

Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 or email me at [email protected] to discuss this project engineering “All-Star” and how he can help you turn your “manufacturing difficulties into manufacturing opportunities.”


Project Engineer, Automotive Injection Molded Components #61274

-Responsible for cradle to grave project engineering tasks for custom injection molded automotive OEM components
-Successfully completed a complex 5 component project from a leading automotive OEM
-Works with tooling suppliers to finalize mold design and completes tooling and fixturing design as required
-Experience operating and programming CMM machinery
-Programmed CMM and measured 10 custom components requiring full layout measurement using SpinFire precision measuring software 
-Proficient using Solidworks and AutoDesk Inventor for 2D mechanical drawing and 3D modeling
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois