Mechanical Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, Injection Molded Automotive Parts #61371

“I can and I will, watch me!

This quote made me think of all the talented, up and coming, early career engineering “All-Stars” I connect with and interview every day and every week. They exhibit the “I can and I will” do something even if I don’t know how attitude. I will because I will learn how to do something that will keep me challenged, motivated and provide for further career development opportunities.

This past week, I connected with a talented Mechanical Engineering “All-Star” who has experience designing injection molded parts and assemblies supplied to major automotive OEMs. He exhibits this “I can and I will” mind set on a regular basis as he thrives in an organization where he’s given the opportunity to take advantage of learning and training opportunities so that “he can and will do” something new.

Since starting in his current role, he’s gained a wide range of technical knowledge and experience in plastic materials and in the injection molding process. His mechanical design responsibilities have helped him learn and gain substantial knowledge of injection mold tooling and fixturing, prototyping, quality control, precision measurement as well as providing familiarity with different types of injection molding equipment.

He’s plateaued in his current organization and is now exploring new engineering opportunities where he can build upon his injection molding experience and continue growing and learning in a new team oriented environment.

Even with the pandemic, this “Mechanical Design Engineering “All-Star” won’t be on the market for long. What is a convenient time to discuss how this Mechanical Design Engineering “All-Star” can make an impact on your organization by exhibiting this “I can and I will, watch me!” spirit?

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Mechanical Design Engineer, Automotive Component Injection Molding #61371

-More than 4 years of mechanical design engineering experience in plastic injection molded automotive parts, fasteners and complex assemblies
-Responsible for developing 10-50 components per vehicle with 5-10 new designs per model
-Experienced doing functional FEA as well as Moldflow studies for all stages of tool use
-Leads multidisciplinary teams from new tool kickoff, quality updates through Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
-Proficient in Catia in addition to being Solidworks Certified for CAD and Modeling tasks
-Fluent in using Moldflow and Moldex3D for injection molding simulation
-Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
-Master of Science, Engineering with emphasis in Manufacturing, Ohio State University