Embedded Engineering “All-Star” Candidate, #61923

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Roosevelt’s quote is timeless.  It’s only human nature to have fear of change or new things.

This week’s Embedded Engineering “All-Star” candidate however didn’t have fear of new things.  He started in a custom embedded systems development team running acceptance tests using LabVIEW.  This gave him a strong background in troubleshooting and debugging embedded systems to improve their design giving him valuable experience which didn’t hold him back going forward.

Over time, he started getting involved with customer new product specification meetings because of his software knowledge.  As a newer member of the team, he brought with him a strong interest with embedded software and specifically Linux OS systems.  As fellow team members learned about his software expertise, they increasingly came to him for help with problems.  Ultimately, word got out and he became the group’s “go to engineer” for software and Linux OS expertise.  Even though this wasn’t his main responsibility, he didn’t let fear of new challenges keep him from helping the team overcome technical obstacles to solve complex customer problems. 

This embedded engineering “All-Star” loves working closely with fellow engineers in cross functional teams that are developing complex systems.  Now, after 9 years in his current organization, he’s starting to explore embedded engineering opportunities where he can build on his knowledge and experience in a new industry.  He’s not afraid to try something new and is looking for the right manufacturing organization where he can look forward to getting up, going to work, and tackling challenging engineering problems every day.  

I don’t expect it will take this engineering “All-Star” much time to find a new home.  If you have a need for embedded engineering expertise, please give me a call or email to discuss how this Embedded Engineering “All-Star” can help make an impact on your team.

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Embedded Engineer, Electronic Systems Development, #61923
-5 years of embedded engineering experience for specialty/custom electronic systems
-Responsible for doing low-level embedded programming in a Linux OS environment using Yacto
-Experienced setting up ethernet capabilities in custom embedded systems
-Proficient programming microcontrollers in C
-Familiar working with LabVIEW to run acceptance tests
-Strong debugging and troubleshooting experience at both the component and circuit levels especially with RF circuits
-Hands-on experience using electronic hardware and test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, function generators, and oscilloscopes
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Missouri