Plastics Engineering “All-Star” Candidate #62013

“We all need people who give us feedback.  That’s how we improve.”  Bill Gates

As an engineering recruiter, I seek feedback during every discussion whether I’m speaking to a manufacturing client or an engineering candidate.    As a search consultant, I need and improve with feedback.  Without any feedback, I can’t provide the best service to my manufacturing clients with whom I’m “working to identify the best engineering professionals.”

This week, I’m highlighting a plastics engineering “All-Star” candidate.  As a plastics expert, he uses feedback throughout the entire project engineering process to take an idea or part through the engineering stages to hand off the part to the manufacturing floor.  This means that he uses feedback the entire way to complete component design, mold tooling design, process design and validation so that manufacturing can make the part to customer specifications.  Without feedback from sales, customers, suppliers, and production, this “All-Star” could never get the job done, let alone improve what he’s doing.

As we enter the second quarter and proceed on our path back to pre-pandemic normalcy, this plastics engineering “All-Star” is starting to explore new career opportunities to get back to his love and passion which is plastics.  He wants to apply his extensive plastics design, tooling and process engineering expertise in a new manufacturing organization where he can contribute to making improvements.

Could your manufacturing team benefit from an engineering “All-Star” who will take feedback and work to improve your plastics design and process?
This plastic engineering “All-Star” is ready to take feedback in an effort to make improvements to your part and process.

Please call 312.226.4916 or email to schedule a time to discuss how this plastic engineering “All-Star” could make an impact on your engineering team or if you have any other staffing needs we can be of help with.

Plastics Engineer, #61397
-More than 25 years in injection molding manufacturing for automotive, medical, and military applications
-Experience with full spectrum 3D modeling and component design
-Proficient using C-Mold V3 for mold flow analysis.  
-Proficient using Solidworks Plastics and Solidworks for 3D modeling and design
-Familiar with Pro E/Creo, AutoCAD and NX10
-Associates of Applied Sciences, Computer Aided Design, Elgin Community College