Electrical Engineering “All-Star” #63038

“Growth and comfort do not co-exist.” –Ginni Rometty

Unless you’re pushing and challenging yourself in anything you do, you’ll never get better.  The same applies to engineering as the best engineers are motivated by and are constantly seeking out difficult problems to solve.  Engineering “All-Stars” are not comfortable unless they are being challenged by difficult problems in need of a solution.

Our electrical engineering “All-Star” this week is no different.  He has a strong electrical and computer engineering background which allows him to create algorithms and write new programs to improve machinery speed or productivity.  He’s also investing in himself to learn and grow technically by pursuing a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.  Yet, this electrical engineering “All-Star” isn’t comfortable with the status quo.  He’s exploring new opportunities to grow professionally.

Do you have electrical engineering needs where this engineering “All-Star” could contribute to and make an impact on your team and organization?  Please give me a call at 312.226.4916 to discuss or if you have any other staffing needs that we can be of help with.  

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Electrical Engineer, #63038
-More than 4 years of electrical and computer engineering experience
-Experienced designing electrical systems on high speed machinery
-Responsible for HMI development and programming
-Increased machine throughput by developing a data processing algorithm in C++
-Improved machine performance by adding new sensors and controllers via EtherCAT
-Used C++ to program CNC machine controls
-Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
-Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Anticipated May 2023